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About Us

Btwixt.net is one of the most reliable web hosting companies serving the web community. Btwixt offers 500 megs, unlimited pop e-mail accounts, 20 gigs transfer. Btwixt is a trusted name in providing Web-based solutions directly to businesses. If you can dream it, you can build it at Btwixt.

» Reliability: Nothing else matters if users cannot reach your site. Rest assured that our web hosting company has enough growth headroom, component and network redundancy and expert manpower to take care of all this for you.

» Ease of Use: Many business owners are quite tech-savvy ; they don't have fleets of computer programmers on hand to execute their every wish. Our control panel and website builder are important to you.

» Comprehensiveness: While you are going to grow, it does matter that you are able to add e-commerce capability, search marketing etc. without having to pay extra for it.

» Value: We offer the most features at the lowest price, which is good value for the money.

» A Trusted Name: We take care of the little guys with 1 page the same as the big guy with 600 pages.

» Popular Development Tools: PHP, MySQL, SSL, FTP and a host of Scripts to make your site shine as a ray of beacon for others to emulate. With the nicest admin panel and Fantastico included with every account.