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1. Custom Vs templates?

Consistency in life is the human norm. In the website design world cookie cutter is not for everyone. We believe in a Dynamic Custom design based on the client’s needs.

2. Our competitive pricing: We live in a global world.

We compete for your business on a global scale, and you are marketing on a global scale. We use the best and the brightest based on the market presence to give us that competitive edge, which we also pass on to your web site creation.

3. After the job is done! Your site your code?

We believe in the quality of design as such any company should be able to follow what we did. You can retain us or you can retain someone else… The code is yours to use as deemed necessary

4. Is help available afterwards? How is support structured?

It is based on needs. Your site is seen as our product, and as such, we support your efforts. We are available for Zoom or Webex remote support. We will train you at your pace and the support level you ask for. We believe in the keep it simple methodology. You don't need any coding knowledge, and you know we are just a ticket call way.

5. Why Custom Design? Why not Drupal or WordPress?

We are a custom design workshop. Everything we do is 100% from scratch, including the site administration area. As a professional web design and software development company, we want to provide our customers with the best business solution to suit their business needs.

6. Where do I host my website? Options to make simplification easy?

We offer suggestions and then explain why on the different options. We leave that up to the client to make a business decision. If you need unlimited emails, we point you in the direction to get that at an affordable price

7. What is the cost of a website? What do I pay?

We like to say, and you get what you pay for. You can skimp, and it will show. You can spend the time and invest in defining the specification, and it will pay off in the end. To calculate website costs, you should also consider different options and features. For SEO, and Marketing, example, hosting, domain, SLL certificate, content editor.

8. Website Development Costs? How to Estimate

To have an accurate estimate, we should consider all the development steps. The building process usually consists of:
Requirements and build
• Design the back-end development.
• creating an admin panel.
• Developing the UI/UX design;
• Design the front-end development;

9. UI/UX Design? What is that?

Every project starts with a thought and a fantastic idea, and—a well-thought design. The design is not only what it looks like and feels like; the design is also how it functions; it is the basic foundation for website development. Creating a robust website is impossible without understanding your end-users and business goals. The UI/UX design stage includes business analysis, market research, and creating a target user profile in the web development cycle.

10. Front-End Development The Interaction

The Front-end developers create the user-facing part of the website. A simple example or design responsibility is the color, the shapes of the functional buttons, the gif animations, and other visual effects. A standard registration form has three fields: name, email, and password. Here is your visual acuity of the forms input fields and a beautiful Submit. This design flow input and interaction engage after clicking on the button. The front-end is everything that the end-users can see and interact with on a website.