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Crews Consulting

I want to thank Btwixt Group for their great patience in helping me design a simple but effective web site. I also would like to say how nice your hosting package has been. For the first time in a long time I am not being gouged to have email that is delivered when I need it most; all the time. I will continue pointing my clients to your company for hosting. I can see the military experience has paid off.

Kaman Malek - International Fire Protection

I wanted to take a moment and thanks Btwixt Web Design Group for their extraordinary work and talent they exerted in designing our web site. In a competitive market that first impression is a key to attract and maintain valuable customers a good descriptive web site is an essential. Btwixt Web Design Group has done that for us.

Dave Hunt - Delux Decals

Btwixt Group has provided me with a global marketing tool. Our customers have benefited from lower prices due to larger scheduling runs as there are now hundreds of individuals buying the same products each week. Thanks Btwixt for building that web presence you promised Delux Decals. Recently I asked Btwixt Group to take our site to the next level, by the end of July (2004) we will have a complete customizable decals building tool. We will market this to the boaters and small business as an cost-effective alternative to large decal shops; with large overhead cost.